SwissOne Smart Metaverse ETI

Fundamental analysis applied to crypto.

The investment strategy of the SwissOne Smart Metaverse ETI encompasses a broad exposure to projects and assets building within the Metaverse ecosystem utilising Crypto Assets as well as traditionally listed assets building across the full spectrum of products and services to generate uncorrelated investment growth. Crypto Assets generate value through a network effect, utilisation, utility, income distribution, supply/demand characteristics, NFT sales and a multitude of other value driving activities. Traditional listed assets derive value through providing products and support services to the development and transition of the established Web 2.0 companies moving towards Web 3.0 offerings.

The investment objective of the AMC is to achieve long-term capital growth by applying a fundamental analysis approach to the cryptocurrency sector. Attractive investments are identified using a bottom-up approach that are subsequently weighted using a top-down method. Approximately 70% of the portfolio may consist of cryptocurrencies, while up to 30% may be invested in individual stocks. Accentuated portfolio weightings are applied to assets that have growing revenues, users, networks, adoption, products and services. The AMC will provide a broad exposure to this emerging asset class while focusing on projects with a clear route to stakeholder value creation and revenue producing activities.

Price Information

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How to invest

The AMCs may be purchased at the exchange (DE-ISINs: Börse Stuttgart) or directly from the issuer. The trading contacts at the issuer are listed below. 

SwissOne Capital AG
Steffen Bassler (CEO)
Phone: +41 43 508 04 86

iMaps ETI AG
Jeffrey Alldis