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The website for MRB Vermögensverwaltungs AG (hereinafter referred to as “MRB”) contains information and opinions on financial instruments, products and services (hereinafter collectively referred to as “financial products”). Therefore, you may visit the website only after carefully reading and accepting following important legal notices.

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Local statutory restrictions

The website contains information and opinions about financial products (e.g. Investment Funds) that may be subject to different registration obligations in other countries. The website is not intended for individual persons or legal entities for whom the use of or access to the MRB website would violate the legal and regulatory provisions in effect in their respective jurisdiction by reason of their nationality or the domicile of the person or for any other reason. This applies in particular to persons domiciled in Great Britain, Japan and the USA.

By accepting the legal information presented on this website, the visitor to this website confirms that he is a qualified investor according to the Collective Investment Schemes Act (CISA) who is domiciled in Switzerland.

No recommendation or offer

The content published on the website represent neither a recommendation, nor an offer, to purchase, hold or sell financial instruments or other products mentioned on this website nor to perform any other financial or legal transactions. It is designed exclusively for personal use as well as for informational purposes, and like the Legal Notice presented here, may be amended at any time by MRB without prior notice.

The contents regarding financial products made available on this website do not constitute any recommendation or support for your investment or other decisions and are in no way advisory in nature. Before investing in a financial product, the investor must inform himself by carefully reading the available current legal documents as well as all other documents that are required pursuant to local statutory and regulatory provisions, (e.g. prospectus, key investor information document, as well as annual and semi-annual report of a collective investment scheme). It is particularly important to study in detail the legal information and risk notices contained therein. For this reason, it is recommended to contact a qualified specialist before an investment decision is made.

No warranty

MRB exercises the greatest possible care when compiling the content relating to Financial Products. MRB and its contracting partners provide no guarantee nor accept any liability to third parties concerning the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the published content. In particular, MRB is under no obligation to update or remove outdated content.

In addition, MRB assumes no responsibility and provides no guarantee that the functions of the website containing content on Financial Products will not be interrupted or are free of errors, that errors will be rectified, or that the website or the respective server are free of viruses and/or other harmful components and programs.

Furthermore, there might exist links on the MRB website that lead to third-party websites. These links are entirely beyond the control of MRB. Therefore, MRB accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy, completeness or lawfulness of the content of such websites, or for any possible offers and services contained therein.

Risk Notice

As a general rule, the higher the risk (price fluctuations) of an investment, the longer the investment period should be, as should the potential returns be correspondingly higher. The value of the invested capital as well as the resulting earnings (e.g. distributions linked to collective investment schemes) are subject to fluctuations or may even fall to zero.

Investments in foreign currencies are subject to direct and indirect foreign exchange rate fluctuations. Individual Financial Products are essentially subject to higher risks (e.g collective investment schemes which invest primarily in emerging markets and/or shares of low-capitalised companies and/or in high-yield bonds.


A positive performance in the past does not guarantee a positive performance in the future. Therefore, MRB and its contractual partners cannot provide a guarantee for a preservation of value (or even an increase in value) of the invested capital and the investor must be willing and able to accept potentially substantial, or even total, losses.

The calculation of performance does not include possible fees and costs associated with buying, holding or selling financial products (e.g. commissions and fees for the subscription and redemption of Fund units).

Exclusion of liability

MRB and its contractual partners reject, to the extent permitted by law, any and all liability (including negligence and liability toward third parties) for any losses arising from direct, indirect or consequential damages of any kind that are related to the use of this website and its contents or with the risks associated with financial markets.


The legal documents of a collective investment scheme listed in the subsequent section on financial products will be made available free of charge to investors domiciled in Switzerland on request at the following address:

MRB Vermögensverwaltung AG
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Proprietary rights

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